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Com a Pedra Filosofal
Com a Pedra Filosofal
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Post by Thaês »

Oh, My dear! This is so cool! *-*

Welcome, Welcome (actually, I think I got here after you, but welcome anyway).
It's so cool to see how internet can make us really comunicate with the rest of the world :~

*cries and sobs*

I love to live in a world like this :~~~~~~

Ok, less, less.

But, it's pretty cool anyway!

So, feel free to talk to me, I'm the coolest person here they jsut don't know it yet 8) !
Neville+Hannah = ♥
Oh, bollocks,don't tell my boyfriend but I think I love Matthew Lewis.
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Mary Potter Weasley
Com a Pedra Filosofal
Com a Pedra Filosofal
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Post by Mary Potter Weasley »

Hii,months later LOL welcome! Post more here, okay?


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