hi here, i'm back :)

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Conhecendo A Toca
Conhecendo A Toca
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Post by Luiza »

Hey guy,...

It´s really nice that you are back,...

I sure u will have a lot of fun here,...

the last book is comming so I believe that we will have a lot of news here,...

anything u need,.. just call me ok?



PS: I´ll move ur topic to our international part, ok?

any questions, just send me a message
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Shiri Appleby
Conhecendo os Marotos
Conhecendo os Marotos
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Post by Shiri Appleby »

Welcome back, even tough I don't 'know' you! Have fun!
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Com a Pedra Filosofal
Com a Pedra Filosofal
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Post by Mist »

Welcome back, and have a good time!
I hope you'll enjoy it all, write a lot and meet many new and old friends.
If there's anything, just send an owl. :)
Conjurando o Patrono
Conjurando o Patrono
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Post by Ashley »

hi Vika !
welcome, one more time :b
enjoit it and any heelp: talk with me (y)
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